When hostility may not be what it seems

April 3, 2006 at 2:41 pm (IQPC)

“Ting, ting, ting!”


My heart jumped in joy. Three new bookings for my capability event! I quickly rushed over to my marketing looking at the list of newly registered delegates.

A name looked familiar to me. I fired up my trusted event tracking list, and found the name. Aha! Here’s the lady whom I tried to invite to speak for my event, but whom she quickly said “No time!” and “Too busy!”, putting an immature end to my sales pitch.

I remember, because she was one of the most hostile HR Manager I ever came across during speaker acquisition!

But hey, she actually believed in my product, and signed on to the full package! I simply have to give her a ring.

“Hello! May I speak to Liz* please?”

“Yes, Liz speaking”

“Hey Liz, this is Razlan here, from Oil and Gas IQ?”

(A slight pause) “Razlan who?”

“Err…. I am the conference manager who will be running the capability development event. We spoke before. Remember me?”

“Oh!!!” She laughed. “It’s you. There are so many of you calling me every now and then I simply cannot remember everyone”

“Ooopsss” I stuttered a little – I am not sure if she meant it jokingly or otherwise. So I played it safe.

“I apologise if calls from my company have inconvenienced you. But I simply have to give you a call to say that I am delighted you signed up for the event!”

“Oh yes, I did, didn’t I?”

“Yes, and I just want to tell you I am definitely looking forward to see you in Kuala Lumpur in June”

“I see. Well yeah I registered. My boss hasn’t approved yet, but never mind, I register first”

I paused a little, not knowing what to say. But I quickly recovered myself.

“Oh well, just remember to convince your boss to let you come to the conference! I also want to tell you that we have our 14th speaker. He is the capability manager from BP Egypt, and he’ll be chairing the event”

It’s never a bad time to pitch your event, feature-wise.

“Ok. Why not Mandarin Oriental ah? Mandarin is a good hotel, you know?”

(Whispering) “I have no say on which hotel to choose!” I laughed over my own joke.

“Haha. Now I have to find out where is the hotel!”

Prince Hotel is within walking distance from KLCC! You are based in KL right? Surely no problem. In fact, the hotel is within the famous ones, like Mandarin and Shangri La!”

“Oh is it?”

“Yes it is. I am sure the conference will be highly successful. In fact, we are receiving strong registrations already! Will you be coming with your team?”

(It is always good to upsell. Haha)

“Nah. It will be only me”

“I see. Well, I am so glad that you are onboard, and I am really looking forward to meet you in June. At the mean time, if you have any queries on the conference, just drop me a note, ok?”

“Yes, I will”

“Thank you, Liz. You have a good day now. Bye!”

With that, I hung up the phone and stared at it for a little while. Well… it didn’t go too bad, did it? None of the hostility at all. Perhaps I caught her at a bad time back then.

I am sooooo glad that I made that call. For it is worth, it is less likely now she will cancel her registration.

And truth to be told, I really look forward to meet Liz at the conference.

I smiled to myself, picked up the phone, and start my speaker acquisition for the day.

*Not her real name, of course!


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