When drop out is a bummer

April 4, 2006 at 1:13 pm (IQPC)

It was early morning, and I was chasing following up with some of my speakers for their presentation abstract and profile. The deadline for the production forecasting conference is end of the week, and I really need to get going on the desktop.

So I called one of my speaker in Brunei.

“Oh, Razlan! I got bad news for you”

My heart plummeted to the bottom of my feet.

“I have spoken to the management, and we feel that it will be too sensitive for us to speak on this event. You see, in Brunei we only have one field…”

As my ex-speaker continues to explain why he can’t present, my mind wondered to my list of “confirmed” speakers. Truth to be told, I am very afraid some of them will eventually dropped out.

As a producer, you know you can be assured that a speaker is committed only when he has sent in his abstract and profile. Even so, you can only be 95% sure – things tend to change at the very last minute.

My attention turned to the speaker, who was telling me he will be glad to speak on other events. I thanked him for his effort and kind support. I mean, after all this guy really helped me out a lot, and it is not his fault that my conference touches on something very sensitive with oil and gas companies.

At times like this, I feel really down. After the perked adrenaline of confirming 3 – 4 speakers in a day, such drop outs can only be bummers.

Well, there is nothing to it. I still need to continue and pick up from where I left. Keeping my fingers crossed more will come in and none will drop out.


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