When work can be life consuming

April 6, 2006 at 2:38 pm (IQPC)

I am at the end of the cycle for my production forecasting conference.

And I am restless. I have some good speakers. But I know the panel can be made better if I have more time to reel them in. Three of them.

But the schedule can’t wait. I have to sign-off on Monday. And I can’t stop thinking about how to make this programme better.

I need to make a case to pull these speakers in.

My life, at this moment, is full of work details. I am not sure if this is healthy, even if the condition is temporary.



  1. Life of a conference producer » When it is mostly about the money said,

    […] After agonising with my team leader over my speakers worries, I found out the reason why I should not risk delaying the production schedule because of speakers. […]

  2. Merry said,

    This is not healthy!! You can do so much better. Get out, get out as soon as you can. IQPC accomplishes nothing you can be proud of. Many will validate your apprehension. Visit http://www.iqpctruth.blogspot.com

    Do not waste your talent with these people. They are losers and don’t deserve to employ you.

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