When it is mostly about the money

April 11, 2006 at 12:51 am (IQPC)

After agonising with my team leader over my speakers worries, I found out the reason why I should not risk delaying the production schedule because of speakers.

While these are speakers who definitely be worthwhile for the programme, extending the deadline does not guarantee their participation. A week or two loss in the market can mean up to 10 potential delegates. Worst case scenario is for me to NOT to have the speakers, AND lose that two weeks of market time.

What is the worse thing if I push the conference into the market now. Obviously the conference programme may not be as attractive. Marketing may flop, sales may have a hard time.

Nevertheless I still have the product in the market for the extra two weeks. And if my luck holds, the new speakers may come in after the brochure is printed (post-print speakers, we call them), and we can always indicate such changes on the website, e-brochure, and cover letter. Sales people can still pitch them.

So what is the worse thing? Nothing, really. The only thing I can think of is for the post-print speakers to be disheartened that their name is not in print.

Well, none of us can have the best of both worlds, can we?


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