About Me

My name is Razlan. My friends call me Raz.

I am currently working for IQPC Worldwide Pte Ltd, the second largest conference company in the world. Actually, my job can be described with three different titles – depending on how glamorous you want to be.

Most glamourous – Conference Manager
Less glamourous – Conference Producer
Least glamourous – Production


Basically I research, produce, market and run conferences. Have been with the Oil and Gas IQ since January 2006.

Have to say there is never a dull moment working here in IQPC. Both ups and downs, there are plenty of it. And this blog will chronicle my thoughts, learnings and musings from my working life as a conference producer.

Disclaimer: This blog is not associated in anyway to IQPC or its related companies. All views expressed are entirely my own, and may not necessarily reflect IQPC’s opinions. Phew. Please don’t sue me! 😀

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